7 important tips of: Essential Elements for Channel Evolution

Today 7 important tips of: Essential Elements for Channel Evolution

1. Define Current & Future Value — What a solutions provider does well today and what they aspire to do tomorrow define their services’ value to customers.

2. Identify Products & Services — After defining a vision, solutions providers need to identify the products, services and resources required to achieve their transformation goals.

3. Pinpoint Required Resources — Services transformation requires solutions providers to enhance their capabilities with infrastructure, applications and support through expanded vendor relationships, acquisition of assets or organ ic development.

4. Schedule Investment — Transformation requires investment in technologies, training, staffing, marketing and certifications. Solution providers need to determine a transformation budget, identify funding sources and schedule investments against milestones.

5. Assign Tasks & Responsibilities — Solutions providers should not leave transformation to chance. Many form task forces or steering committees with executive sponsorship responsible for the general plan, while delegating assignments to develop specific parts.

6. Establish Governance — Accountability is essential. A transformation plan must have goals, milestones and performance reviews. Every person involved in the process must be held accountable for their role in the transformation.

7. Measure Progress — No plan is effective without taking stock of the volume or quality of progress. If a transformation program isn’t working, the management team must reexamine the plan before investing more money and time.

Source: The 2112 Group, “The Evolving Services Era,” April 2013