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Vh2 Marketing Estratégico was founded to open doors for potential Business Partners, evaluate new opportunities, open new markets through value-added channels to expand the technical and commercial cover.

The company is based on the knowledge of its founder, Abel Couto, with over 23 years of experience in the software market, working for and representing national and international companies.

Abel Couto has worked at companies such as IBM (Unica); BMC Software; Dassault Systèmes; LogicaCMG (CGI); MSI Marconi (Ericsson); Ícaro Technologies and at other important national companies in the IT market.

Value Proposition

  • Increased geographic coverage (where there are growing companies, which allows extensive coverage in one or more selected segments).
  • Local Support (the more professionals acting, the more safety for the end customer).
  • Enlarge vertical sales channels or more generalists (without direct costs).
  • Increase in net revenue (avoids the direct involvement of investments in unexplored markets).
  • Investment targeted capacity.
  • Strengthening and greater diffusion of the brand (broader markets in different sectors of the economy).


  • Development of long-term growth strategies.
  • Enterprise mobility.
  • Advantages such as the removal of internal investments and increase in fixed costs, equipment, permanent locations among others.
  • Increase of business opportunities during seasonal low demand periods.
  • Flexibility is the key word: market sectors that require adaptable organizations have more chances than traditional ones, because they will be displaced by corporations with greater covering power and agility in the search for opportunities.

A corporation can be extremely flexible and adaptable avoiding an internal organizational restructuring, using the resources by hiring a suitable partner.

Values ​​

  • Ethics, Commitment, Attitude, Innovation, Quality.

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Services Models

Structured processes of Management and Recruitment of Sales Channel

Service models

Analysis and Tactical Planning

  • Review the business model (Plan, Strategy and Model Definition).
  • Construction of the appropriate channel profile.
  • Geographic Coverage (setting a goals per named region).
  • Marketing Actions (Direct & Co-Marketing).
  • Value Proposal of the Enterprise.

Model Structuring

  • Channel Model Structuring (Legal, Commercial and Technical).
  • Support to the Draft Contract Definition.
  • Channel Selection Criteria.
  • Development of Trade Policy / KIT Channel.
  • Development of Compensation Policy, Bonus and Awards.
  • Relationship & Communication - Channel Portal (commercial and technical).
  • Commercial & Technical Approvals / (Academy of Sales and Technical).
  • Process Definitions (Commercial Methodology / Deployment).
  • Certifications.

Identification, Qualification & Recruiting

  • Channel selection according to the IPP defined in the Strategic Plan.
  • Recruitment & Selection Plan along with the area of Marketing for structuring "Roadshow / Workshop".
  • Accreditation Flow / Channel Credit Rating / Contract signed.
  • Setting of Sales Goals and support in the development of the Channel "Business Plan".
  • Commercial Academies (Solution Selling) / Technical – Approval.
  • Certification - (Calendar of annual training).

Assisted Operation

  • Operation Start-Up - delivery of CHANNELS KIT (Welcome and Operational Model).
  • Operating Flow of SALE CYCLE process.
  • Standardization of sale process - Pipeline Development.
  • Development of operational and management "Dashboard".
  • Hand over to the Executive of the Channel.

Operational Support

  • It aims to ensure the sustainability of Channel network through Leadership and Sales Team Executive Training.
Leadership & People Management
  • Leadership Competency.
Service & Relationship
  • Trading Competence.
Business Performance
  • Executive Coaching.


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